At Bjornson Roofing Ltd. we provide all of our customers with a 10 year guarantee and workmanship warranty. Please read the details about our Shingle and Eavestroughing Warranties below. 

Owens Corning – Shingle Warranty


Eavestroughing – New installations

Thanks for choosing Bjornson Roofing Ltd. as your new eavestroughing supplier and installer.

Your installed product carries a workmanship warranty for a period of 3 years, and covers leakage at joints and corners and detachment of eavestroughs and downspouts from fascia and walls.  Aluminum warranty is based on manufacturer’s warranty.

Damage or leakage caused by buildup of ice and snow or other debris is not covered. Shingle conditions that result in leakage between fascia and eaves is also not covered. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to clean and maintain their eaves and downspout on a regular basis. We also cannot control the freeze and thaw process and proper operation of eaves only happens when the temperature allows water to drain.


Thank you for trusting us to be your company of choice!  Call me at any time throughout the process from start to finish if you need anything!  204-795-0740 – Derek Bjornson

Bjornson Roofing Ltd. is here to help with your project.  Please read below to learn more about some important information that may be relevant to answer some of your questions.  As well, for your consideration, we will need access to power outlets when working on your house.  Roofing can be dangerous at times and for safety reasons refrain from being outside during the job, and please keep pets from being outdoors while we are working on your home.

Deposit – The deposit shall be paid to Bjornson Roofing Ltd. upon acceptance of this agreement and estimate.

Contract – This contract is based on a completed job and any surplus material remains the property of Bjornson Roofing Ltd.  All materials, including installed materials, belong to Bjornson Roofing Ltd. until the invoice is paid in full.  Bjornson Roofing Ltd. is not responsible for any pre-existing conditions or for damages caused through the normal process of completing this contract.

Workmanship Warranty – 10 years – This warranty covers the workmanship involved in installing the materials for your new roof or project.  This warranty does not cover high winds, ice damming, condensation, or other acts of God.  For more information on material warranty see the manufacturer’s warranty through the link on this website.  This warranty is void if repairs are done to the roof by anyone other than Bjornson Roofing Ltd. or if the invoice is not paid in full.  

Proper roof maintenance is necessary when dealing with excessive snow or other debris on the roof.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to take care of this on a yearly basis to be proactive.  Make sure that air vents are free from snow to allow for your attic to breathe and not allow condensation to occur that will give you problems in the spring melt.  Bjornson Roofing Ltd. can take care of snow removal for you – just ask for more information.

Bjornson Roofing Ltd. cannot be responsible for any delays beyond our control – weather (rain, extreme heat, high winds, etc) as well as supplier issues.  Start times are approximate and schedules may be altered.

If damage does occur, notify us as soon as possible, and please allow a reasonable amount of time to come and inspect the damages.

All invoices are payable in full when rendered to the purchaser.  Interest will be applied on all overdue amounts at a rate of 3% per month.

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